Player's Reviews/Testimonials

This is a great website to me. I have been very satisfied with it as I could even earn more to upgrade my living standard. Believe me! you will never ever find any other better than this :)
- Julian Pierre
Nov 12, 2019
I love the simplicity of this chess 2play and how simple it is to be able to re-match against another. But the timing though
- Emile Simon
Oct 08, 2019
Our number one chess betting place in Ghana. My friends have challenged themselves. My God bless this network of chess players
- Kwame Bernard
Oct 02, 2019
Here's a huge shout out to chess2play for support and friendships. I'm so happy and grateful
- Scott Lucas
Sep 26, 2019
United Kingdom
I appreciate the whole team for their continous hard work on chess2play it is better and greater now.
- Brendan Swami
Sep 09, 2019
I knew nothing about it; signed up; first hand up; deposited, off you go! started withdrawing from cash tournaments. I will recommend it 100%
- Jérémy Antoine
Sep 02, 2019
I challenge anyone i am not scared. won some games but have lost and learned a lot. chess2play thanks for the opportunity.
- Lorenzo Veerle
Aug 27, 2019
I went straight for the tournament and i lost my first money. After then..... Money money in my wallet
- Mariam Mahmood
Aug 03, 2019
South Africa
I have been on here since 2015 watched how you guys have evolved into something greater than what i knew at first. Series of upgrades, now chess2play is almost the talk of every chess player. I don't know you guys but Kudos!!!
- Kaitlyn Carlos
Jul 11, 2019
United States
After months of Trial and Error, Joy, Pain, lost almost $3000 in the VIP games fate led me to Anna Domino who taught how be fast and win games by time. I feel like a GM already for the very first time. Not one day has passed without earning some cash
- Antti Elias
Jul 03, 2019
Finland is a great online chess betting place. I love you all. Though i am not strong yet but will win my mate not the GMs
- Wassim Abdel
Jul 02, 2019
Have won a lot of games in the last few months. I’m very grateful.
- Ricardo Walter
Jun 29, 2019
South Africa
Still can't believe it. Deposited $10 played some games won some and lost some before i know it I am withdrawing $124 the same day. great great platform
- Hilla Linus
Jun 25, 2019
My name is Philippe Adam, I am from France. And I was actually looking for an opportunity like this for a long time. So, I've been playing games for the past 11 months. God bless you team, I pay my bills with the little winnings.
- Philippe Adam
Jun 23, 2019
Used translator, play chess at chess 2 play today. I won a cash tournament today
- Dmitriy Aleksey
Jun 19, 2019
Russian Federation
By far the Best chess playing and money chess platform that I have made of my time and money in my journey of Life... Many thanks to you Nicholas Abel and the entire Chess2Play team for this great concept.
- Louise Erwan
Jun 15, 2019

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